The Perks of a Dedicated Play-space


I’ve always valued the importance of a dedicated play-space, one that both my clients and I can come to appreciate as a safe haven where we can live out our fantasies, no matter how exotic or extreme. Since mid 2018, I opened my home up to sessions as I did not find hotel rooms conducive for play. I wanted to provide a personal touch to my sessions and I really liked having easy access to all my toys and equipment, some of which are too bulky and heavy to lug to hotel rooms. Also, my condominium was discreet and that was a huge plus point for my clientele.

There were, however, plenty of things I did not like about sessioning out of my home. For starters, my apartment was tiny and space was a constraint. It never seemed to bother my clients, but I always felt I could be more creative if I had the luxury of more space. Then, there was no denying that it was a home. I was forced to blindfold my clients when they were strung up to my ceiling hook because otherwise their attention would be on the clutter in my kitchenette rather than on the scene! Finally, I adore my kitties, as my regulars will attest, but they can be such pains at times, especially when the sessions featured rope or my single tail. Whee!!! Flying single tail - must catch!

Enter May 2019. I have successfully moved my business into a very conveniently located and private play-space. For the past few weeks, I have been working hard on making this a possibility. I wanted my play-space to be playful and welcoming with a personal touch. It needed to look and feel like me, so that clients entering My space would recognise they were sharing in something that I both valued and held dear. For that purpose, I decked the room out in colours that I find sexy and cheerful, brought all of my toys and equipment over from my home, and procured even more fun things, such as a wooden horse and a fucking machine. :) A lovely friend/client of mine is even building a St. Andrew’s Cross for me. How amazing is that?

In the past week, I have had a number of sessions in my new play-space and I’ve found it to be incredibly conducive for play. It is spacious, clean, and decked out with fun things to augment my scenes. Clients have professed that they adore my play-space and consider it a safe space where they can express themselves freely. I keep it free of distractions and this allows both me and my clients to focus and be present during the scene.

On topic of fun furniture, toys and equipment, I am really quite happy with my collection. Of course, there is still room for it to grow and I will be making it a point to pick up some interesting pieces when I visit Berlin and Paris in June. If you’re curious to know what my collection includes, you can visit this page. I keep it updated with pictures and an ever growing list.

The best part about having a dedicated play-space is that it allows me to tailor experiences that are creative and fun for my clients. With so much space and fun furniture, toys and equipment on hand, the possibilities are boundless. What are you waiting for?