Birthday Shenanigans


My Domme Wife, Ms Aubrey and I celebrated our birthdays about a week ago. We are both August babies and we make it a habit to have a joint celebration annually. We’ve kept this tradition for perhaps five years now.

In attendance were three couples. Not all three are female-led, including mine. My partner and I switch from time to time, but he mostly leads. We had a deal, however, that all three men would be caged for the duration of the dinner.

This “deal” was huge for my boyfriend because he has never been caged for more than five minutes before. I know my subs will not believe me, but I’m not kidding. The only time my boyfriend has worn a cage was when he allowed me to put one on him for a quick photograph. The moment I had my picture, he insisted I take it off.

The entire dinner (including traveling time) took 5 hours. The boy was actually a pretty good sport for most of the night, but in the last hour, he probably would have broken the cage off if he could. He whined a little towards the end, mostly when he needed to go to the bathroom but didn’t want to pee with the cage on. Of course I made him go anyway.

So here’s a picture of my very sporting boyfriend giving me the best birthday present… Well okay, not quite. He’s also taking me to Bali next week. I’m looking forward to the sun, sand and sea.