A Strong Mind


Recently, a regular client who is both a good submissive and friend spoilt me with a year’s membership to one of the top mixed martial arts schools in Singapore. I was very excited about starting classes at this school because it is quite popular for its Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) programme and this is a form of martial arts I’ve always had an interest in undertaking. A friend who trained in BJJ for a few years described it as a sport that fortifies you not just physically, but also mentally. And as a Pro Domme, mental and physical fortitude is extremely important.

I’ve always taken an interest in fitness. My typical week contains at least one weights training session with a personal trainer, one to two online yoga classes (I like Alo Yoga), 30 minutes of cardio (typically a jog/run), and one to two 25 minute HIIT workouts. I like to keep active because I have a love for good food, and it is important I exercise in order to maintain my figure that you all adore. BJJ has been a really nice addition to my current regime.

While I used to practise martial arts when I was younger, I’ve never learnt anything like BJJ. I took Taekwondo for a few years in my late teens. Shortly after, I changed course for Muay Thai, a sport I trained in for many years. Both Taekwondo and Muay Thai are forms of martial arts with a focus on striking though, and are very different from BJJ where the focus is on grappling/wrestling. BJJ is a little bit like Japanese Jiu-Jitsu or Judo, and plays heavily on gaining an advantage over your opponent and forcing them into submission, something I really really like.

A friend of mine described BJJ as being very similar to chess, and I now understand why he said so. Every week, we are taught different types of moves, from takedowns to chokeholds. For about five to ten minutes at the end of each class, we are paired up and asked to spar. It is like a game of chess, pulling up the move that makes the most sense at any given point in time to gain advantage over my opponent. It requires a fair bit of mental strategy on TOP of physical dexterity. What a challenge!

It’s only been about a fortnight since I started lessons in BJJ, and already I have learnt a handful of moves I can incorporate into my sessions. If I’d known how useful this would be to my profession, I’d have taken it up earlier! That said, I am truly grateful to my submissive MV for his generous birthday gift. It was incredibly thoughtful and demonstrates a desire to better my life. Thank you, Sub MV!