My First Female Client


Two weeks ago, I had a most interesting session. A client of mine who is also a switch wanted to treat his painslut, Nani, to a double domination session with me. Also on the agenda was an appearance by my boyfriend, but Nani was not privy to this knowledge. My client wanted to humiliate her by bringing in a stranger towards the end. This was not my first time playing with a female submissive, but it was certainly the first time I was being engaged as a Pro Domme to do so. This would make Nani my first ever female client. Needless to say, I was excited. I’d been briefed by my client, whom I shall henceforth refer to as Nani’s painmaster, that she was a masochist with an extraordinarily high threshold and was extremely eager to please.

To heighten the suspense for Nani, her painmaster put a blindfold on her while they waited outside my front door. She was not to lay eyes on me until later in the scene; she would not be allowed to put a face to her tormentor until after she had been suitably tortured. Nani was extremely polite upon entering my apartment, greeting me with a pleasant “Good evening, Ms Amber” before slipping off her dress as instructed. She was clad in lacy black garters and stockings underneath her wrap dress. Nani’s painmaster led her, still blindfolded, from the living room into the playspace by sticking a finger in her mouth and having her suck on it. I thought that was a very nice touch.

It wasn’t long before Nani was strung up to my suspension frame with clover clamps attached to both her nipples and labia. The clamps on her nipples were weighted, and the clamps on her labia were tied off to her toes. If she kicked her feet or twisted her body, as she did a handful of times to cope with the pain, she might rip the clamps off. I quite liked that predicament. Between me and Nani’s painmaster, we gave Nani a lovely cocktail of pain and orgasms. I particularly enjoyed using the cane on her. I was able to elicit very nice moans coupled with the shuffling of feet to try to cope with the pain. I really do love responsive submissives.

I decided that it was time to introduce my boyfriend to the scene. When he entered the room Nani was still attached to the suspension frame, stripes adorning her buttocks and upper thighs. I handed him the cane to use on her, and he proceeded to introduce himself and give her a few more stripes on the fronts on her thighs as a greeting. ;) She had taken quite enough pain at that stage, so we let her down and I penetrated her anally with my favourite VixSkin dildo. Nani’s painmaster removed her blindfold as I was deep in her ass, so you can imagine the sight that greeted her eyes in the mirror conveniently placed before her.

My boyfriend and I finished off the session by rewarding Nani with a string of forced orgasms from intense finger banging, double dildo penetration, and the powerful Doxy 3 on her clitoris. Although Nani’s painmaster had warned me that Nani was quite a voracious squirter, I did not quite expect the extent to which she drenched all of the towels and absorbent under pads that I had scattered around the floor. It was such a treat to watch her let go of herself and squirt multiple times.


It was so much fun playing with Nani. Her enjoyment during the session was unadulterated. It’s not often that I get to play with someone who submits so authentically. I’d like to thank my client/her painmaster for creating this opportunity. I’m looking forward to playing with other female submissives… Are there any out there?