diaper play

A Taste for the Taboo: Dark Age Play


I had a very interesting session today. I am normally the one to introduce new things to my clients, but today was one of firsts for me. (Thanks, Z!) I’ve always wanted to have a dark age play session, but there haven’t been many enquiries, also because I’ve never advertised that this is something I have interest in. It just seemed so niche I never attempted to market it as a kink offering. But today, I had that chance!

Z has chatted with me on and off for about three months now, and I was almost certain that he would never come see me for a face-to-face session. He seemed well spoken and very clear about what he liked; however, I felt that he might not be able to make the move to see a Pro Domme in person to fulfil his kink. Many like to engage in the process of negotiation, perhaps because it makes their kink seem more ‘real’, but drop out just before it is time to confirm the session. I can’t say I blame them. Some of my clients say they’re hooked after seeing me, and have to see me regularly for their fix. ;) Anyway, back to Z. He took the plunge and came to see me today, and boy am I glad he did!

So, I play Z’s babysitter. His mother has left him in my care for an hour while she’s gone off to get a facial nearby. Z takes a shower, and comes out of the bathroom in a cute white diaper and a comfortable grey t-shirt. He looks positively adorable! (Note: Dark age play does not have to include diaper play, but in Z’s case, it does.) Now, I LOVE diaper play. It is such a turn on to know that I have control over someone’s bathroom usage and can have them spend time in piss-soaked diapers for my amusement. It’s even better when said someone enjoys it so much they tent their diaper.

Now, of course Z gets a scolding for tenting his diaper. After all, little boys shouldn’t be getting all hot and bothered, should they? I feed him bottle after bottle of warm milk, all the while rubbing his soft belly that’s starting to bulge from all the liquids he’s consuming. Occasionally, my hand strays to his diaper and inner thigh, where I check on the state of his erection. Of course, he’s still hard, and I tell him that I have to punish him for it… by locking his pee pee up in a cage before diapering him again. It becomes increasingly uncomfortable as his erection strains against the cage, but he’s a good boy and bears it for me. He even pisses himself twice while sucking on a pacifier, making his diaper nice and soggy.

How this scene ends is up to your imagination, but suffice to say that Z left one very happy little boy. And I suppose I can now say for sure that dark age play is something I like and want to do more of in future. So, those of you with mummy/babysitter fantasies, don’t be shy. I’ll be waiting.