My Pro Domme Philosophy: Mind Over Matter

Ms Amber, a professional Asian Dominatrix based in SIngapore, with her slave

Professional Domination is, to me, a craft. Over the years, I’ve learnt that what my submissives want is not just to have certain things done to them, but for me to delve beneath the surface and understand what actually makes them tick, and then to utilise this newfound knowledge to beguile them, break them and possess them. Therein lies the beauty of domination. It is not about how well one can wield a whip or give a foot job, but in how expertly one can master the mind.

Many of my submissives crave utter helplessness. They want to truly feel as though they’re my play things, for me to do with as I please. Their likes/dislikes are not important to me, and they are mere objects in my presence, existing only for my amusement. The key to fulfilling such a fantasy, to me, starts with the mind. Yes, I do often use strict immobilisation to convince them that they have no semblance of choice, but this, without the mind play, is weak. I feed them their new truth through my words which paint a story so believable they fall into my spell.

I think that many overlook the power of the imagination when fuelled by words whispered into an eager ear. I thoroughly enjoy drawing forth emotions such as helplessness, vulnerability, worthlessness and humility in my submissives, and I do it not just by controlling their actions, but more importantly, their minds.

I’ll end off this virgin post with a very sweet letter of appreciation written by a lovely submissive recently:

Dear Miss Amber,

Thank you for the amazing session today! I really like how you conduct your sessions, it is a fresh experience. The small little things like eye contact as well as the little assurances [...] really relaxes me and makes trusting you very easy. The feeling of helplessness was a real turn on for me, and hopefully for you too. I hope I was fun to session with and I look forward to sessioning with you again if the circumstances permit. I’d like to add that you have a very alluring voice, that completely puts me at ease while following your instructions.
— Slave M3