double domination

The Beauty of Surrender

I received a beautifully written note of appreciation from a long-time client and friend after a very indulgent double domination session with my lovely girlfriend Ms Aubrey.

It moved me to read how what went on during the session has affected him. Indeed, I do see what I do as a form of therapy. I enjoy sending my clients out the door a whole lot happier and more relaxed than when they first walked in.

Many tell me that seeing me gives them the opportunity to put aside their troubles and not have to make a single decision for a span of an hour or two. This clears their heads and prepares them to face the world again.

I love my job! I’m sharing a short excerpt from the note for my readers. Does this resonate with you?

I think over time I have started to understand the use of pain as a means of going into a state of surrender and sub space. I mean it's less painful if I relax into the pain. At the same time it requires trust and surrender. It's weird but it puts me in a state of submission and I'm getting hard just talking about it now.

Another powerful experience for me was when both you and Aubrey teased that slutty and wanton side of me. It's a part of me that I don't get to express in my life […] so I think over time I have a demeanour and composure that seems calm and unruffled. […]

In a way I have gotten used to being in charge and having power in my daily role. Suddenly sinking and surrendering into pain, going into a submissive frame and trusting both of you as I know you both are adept at your craft.

And then being teased and encouraged to express a more wanton and slutty side of me. I mean like most men I crave secretly but society always teaches us how to behave. So it's like an awakening to be slutty, wanton and express it. It's embarrassing as well and I guess is part of the humiliation. […] Think I went deep. […]

I don't scene much and in a way I'm always after quality than quantity. With both you and Aubrey I have never surrendered more deeply. Think you both explore my psyche and create a space whereby I do things I would never normally do. I'm thankful for it. It's rare because it's beyond just the physical. It's more psychological and emotional. Which is profound for me.

Just so you know, Ms Aubrey is available for double domination sessions with me upon request. Ms Aubrey used to pro domme with me in the past and our clients have always said that we work wonderfully together. Ms Aubrey is sensual and very much a predator in the bedroom. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, just ask. Tributes apply, of course.