About Ms Amber

Miss Amber, a professional Asian Dominatrix based in SIngapore holding a crop

“Your laughter is enough to make me weak in the knees, Ms Amber…”

My submissive could not resist uttering these honest words from the heart mid-scene. I believe that, on top of bringing authenticity, intensity and sensuality to my sessions, a sense of humour is equally important.

When we first meet, you will find me to be confident and well-spoken. I am used to turning heads, whether because of my stunning looks or the pieces of body art adorning my skin. I am the rebel to whom you will find yourself irresistibly drawn.

I consider myself to be a sensual but firm dominant. I dislike raising my voice at my submissives. I believe that orders should not be barked, but delivered in a low and firm tone. Grace is very important to me, and I demand this both of myself and those who seek to serve me.

I bring to the table more than a decade’s worth of lifestyle experience in BDSM. Privately, I play as both a dominant and a submissive, so I am familiar with the techniques, motivations, and sensations that come with either orientation. I will get in your head, discover what makes you tick and draw out your submission in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Within the BDSM community, I have taught kink workshops both locally and internationally. I lead a local kink education group and organise both private and community kink events on a regular basis. I also make it a point to attend kink conventions and learn from kink experts locally and internationally to constantly improve my skillset.

If all of this echoes your desires…