My Interests

I’ve put together the following as a guide for those new to seeing a Pro Domme.

This is a sample of some of the kinks I engage in, and useful for those of you who have no idea where to start.

Anal Play

Relax and let me invade your sensitive parts with my fingers and my cock. The anal region is rich with nerve endings, so stimulation in this area can be very very erotic. Are you ready to give up control?

Chastity Play

Fancy being locked into a cock cage, or having your cock tied up and secured out of the way? I personally find it an absolute thrill to hold on to the key, making you intensely aware of your arousal and inability to achieve an erection… comfortably.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)


I really enjoy this, and most submissives have a bigger stomach for it than they imagine. I can take it really slow, such that we progress to more ‘hard-core’ techniques like ballbusting at a very gradual pace. I can’t think of any other kink that renders a big grown man more helpless than having his crown jewels subject to my whim and fancy.

Corporal Punishment (Pain)

impact toys.jpg

I enjoy the instilment of discipline, and what better way to do so than through corporal punishment? I have a wide repertoire of punishments up my sleeve that will test your physical endurance, pain threshold, and mental fortitude. Want to test me? I’m pretty sure you’ll earn yourself a punishment or two even if you try your best to be absolutely well-behaved.



This can be incredibly fun, but also very scary. I own an E-stim electrical unit with electrodes with attachments for anal play, cock torture and nipple torture. I also own a neon wand for some zappy fun.

Foot Worship


If you’ve been a good submissive, you might earn yourself the right to kiss my feet and suck on my toes. If you’ve been extra good, I might just gag you with my feet or step all over your filthy body. I’ve been told I have beautiful feet. Wouldn’t you love to meet them?



There’s something incredibly erotic about the subversion of social norms within a safe space, isn’t there? A big strong man like you being made to crawl around the room on all fours like an animal. Maybe you’ll even produce a bark and wag your ass at me eagerly. Or perhaps you just enjoy being talked down to, being told that you’re nothing but a piece of meat for me to push and prod for my amusement. Whatever the case, I’d love to break you.

Obedience Training

leather collar.jpg

I am quite a fan of protocol and obedience training. Expect to be walked through a number of slave positions you will be expected to learn and internalize. Speech training and eye contact restriction are also favorites of mine. I desire a well-mannered and polite submissive who knows how to serve me exactly the way I like.


I am versed in the use of different mediums to restrain you, should that be your thing. Fancy being made to feel absolutely helpless? I can tie you up or mummify you so tightly you’ll be entirely at my mercy. Perhaps your thing is predicament bondage? I love using rope and other fun toys to push your resolve. Prefer a heavier, more… medieval type of restraint? I have a metal stockade and manacles that will take away your mobility. 

Sensory Deprivation

leather hood.jpg

I can take away your sight and speech. I can fill your senses with the smell and feel of leather. I can seal you in a cocoon so tight it will be as though you’re disconnected from your surroundings. Every single sensation and sound will be magnified. Do you trust me to take you there?

Tease and Denial


Now this one is truly a favorite of mine. I absolutely love watching you squirm as your orgasm eludes you time after time after time. I won’t even have to touch you to get you to dance to the tune I play. And when you think you’ve finally earned it… I go ahead and make you ruin it for yourself. Painful, isn’t it? But isn’t that what you deserve?

Urethral Sounding

If you thought having your anus violated was bad, try sounding. This involves me sticking a metal rod down your urethra. I compare it to being fucked in the most intimate way possible. My submissives love it and always beg to be sounded. Do you have the balls to try?