Session Protocol

How do I prepare for a session?

So we both get to enjoy the session fully, it is important you ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten well the night before our session and that you come to the session having slept/rested well the night before. If you haven’t done the above, you run the risk of passing out or not being able to get every ounce of enjoyment from the session.

I’ve been told that my sessions can be physically demanding, thus the above preparation really is necessary to ensure you get the most out of your session. While it is my responsibility to plan a session that you will enjoy, it is your responsibility to look after yourself and prepare for the session.

Also, if we have negotiated for certain types of play, you should ensure that you are physically prepared for them. For instance, if we have negotiated for anal play, you should ensure that you have cleaned yourself out prior to the session. Take a look at this infographic if you have no idea how to do so. If we have negotiated for impact play/corporal punishment, you should come to me with a bottom free of bruising. I've encountered submissives who come to me for a heavy impact session having recently seen another Pro Domme. They are surprised to find that it hurts doubly much when I administer strokes to a bruised bottom! 

What happens when I arrive for my session?

When you first arrive, we’ll have a chat before the session to:

  • ensure your limits are known and respected

  • go over expectations

  • discuss any health issues that might affect the session

  • agree upon a safe word for the session 

You will then be given time to take a shower/freshen up for the session. A shower is also available to you after the session.

Because of the time needed to engage in the above, I must emphasize the need for punctuality. Make sure you arrive on time for your session. I might be expecting another client after you and will not be able to extend your time if you are late. Be a good boy and don't ask for a discount if you realise that you're not going to get the full duration because of your own tardiness. It just looks bad on you. 

What happens in a normal session?

This largely depends on what we have negotiated for. It is important that you are clear in stating your likes and limits upfront. I will never introduce pain into a session if you have told me that pain play is a limit. Similarly, if you do not desire for marks to be left on you, say so. We can still engage in impact play as I am able to moderate the play such that no marks are left. Advanced play, such as urethral sounding or needleplay, will never be introduced in the session unless we have negotiated for it.

Now that you understand the above, if you give me free reign over the session proceedings, I like to start with a little bit of obedience training, just so you’re aware of my expectations and rules. I might test you on your ability to remember these and punish/reward as necessary. Then, I like to engage in some sort of impact play to get you warmed up and your endorphins flowing. The fun stuff starts after this depending on your kinks or my mood for the day. I’ve noticed that I have a preference for immobilisation coupled with the introduction of intense sensations in the form of anal play, electroplay or CBT. I like to give a heady mix of pain and pleasure.

Does it get sexual?

We are not going to have intercourse, neither are you going to be touching me intimately with your hands/mouth. I’m not attainable to you, and that’s something that will not change with wheedling or begging. In fact, be prepared to be shown the door if you disrespect me by pushing my boundaries.

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with how I session, it’s time for you to…