An experienced prodomme, Ms Amber is well versed enough to offer both sensual and corporal domination. You could say that she is one of few in the local scene that can engage in extreme play safely. You can see from the way she handles her tools that she knows exactly what she is doing.

Ms Amber’s sessions are well planned and executed. She is also very versatile. For instance, if an unforeseen issue were to arise during the session, she can immediately come up with another plan, and another if that one doesn’t work.

She has high hygiene standards, so have no fear that the tools used on you are properly cleaned.

Finally, I love her rope skills. Once she has tied you up, you can forget about running away. The best part is that she ties fast without wasting any time.
— Jack

Ms Amber is a petite, poised, sweet and alluringly attractive Mistress who could entrance you with her gentle yet sensual demeanour.

However do not let her petite frame and sweet gentle nature mislead you for she is a very experienced and insightful Mistress who packs wisdom in her years both as a Domme as well as a sub. While you can feel safe in your trust that she is the Master (or rather the Mistress) of her craft, that trust also means that she can keep you guessing, on sensual knife’s edge and yearning for more but hesitant to know the price you might incur.

She leaves you with a sense of fulfillment at the end of the session but only if you are willing to surrender deeply and trust her to bring you to a space of curious uncertainty, ever deepening submission and ultimate cathartic release.

Buckle up and enjoy the journey, this is what you have been waiting for.
— Traveller

Thank you so much for such a mind-blowing session today! Words can’t express the amount of gratitude towards you as a pro domme, for fulfilling my BDSM fantasy after so many years. I’m so glad that I finally did it!

I loved every moment that we had throughout the session and I truly admire your skillfulness and professionalism in delivering your all for the unforgettable experience. I have to admit that I was a little bit ambitious to experience a real hard session, considering that this was my first time. I appreciate how you have made the session a manageable one while challenging my pain limit at times. Most importantly, I felt safe throughout the session and I had the fullest trust in you. Thank you so much for looking after my well-being.
— Sub W

Ms Amber is head and shoulders above your run-of-the-mill dominatrix. Apart from her extensive collection of quality toys and equipment, her years of experience in the lifestyle scene sets her apart in terms of skills and knowledge. Her proficiency, focus on safety, and expertise allow her to put her subs at ease when engaging in activities such as sounding and electroplay, while also enabling her to help total newbies and the less extreme discover their kinks.

Always the consummate professional, Ms Amber strives to achieve a memorable experience for both her subs and herself every session. Rarely has she failed to do so in spite of the extensive span of her professional career as a dominatrix.

Ms Amber puts in great effort in knowing each and every of her subs, establishing a genuine person-to-person connection transcending the commercial transaction.
— Gary Pan

The indomitable Miss Amber knows how to push my limits to the max. Every session takes me to a new level of exquisite pain and depravity that very few know how to achieve. Her collection of toys and equipment seems to be as endless as her imagination in using them to bring suffering and sensation to my flesh. I look forward to serving her again (and again).
— Bataille

Ms Amber brought me back in time. What a trip!

I was bullied by girls when I was six, and I loved it.

Four decades later, I finally found a Pro Domme who truly understands how to treat a sub as she is a very experienced switch who has lived the life of a sub/slave.

I have served other dommes; Ms Amber dominates this starving sub like no other domme has, and in my opinion, no other domme can.

It was easy to talk to Ms Amber before the session as she is very open about the bdsm aspects of her life. I come from a very controlled upbringing and not very much in touch with my sexual nature. Ms Amber makes me open up about my own bdsm needs. Once she has some clear idea about me, she tailors her domination to suit my innermost needs. This is her magic.

After my first session with Ms Amber, I feel more genuine as her sub and that I am roleplaying in real life! I feel so much joy in the session that I laughed out loud even though I might be caned or whipped. I am also grateful to Ms Amber that she can make me feel like a lifestyle slave even though ours is a professional relationship.

Thank you, Ms Amber.
— Sub MV